Best Antiaging Product

So what is the best antiaging product?  Does such a thing really exist?  Where can I find it?  Is it expensive?  Is it rare or hard to find?  Is it a single item or is it a collection of different foods or ointments, or creams, or salves? 

When should I use it, or do I apply it, or eat it?  Does it work better for some people than other people?  Is it available locally or do I need to find it on the internet have it shipped to me?  If it really works, it must cost a fortune!

How do I know if I even need and antiaging product of any type?  (If you’re asking this question, you probably don’t!)  What about side effects?  Does it have any and, if so, are they moderate or severe? 

Confused Yet?

Yipes, this can be pretty confusing!  

“How so?” you ask?  Well, try doing a Google or Bing search for it.  Would you like to know the results of that search?

Bing pulled up over ten million results for the search term “best antiaging products”. 

Do ten million choices tend to overwhelm you?  Yes, me too.  Bitut, it you think about it, doesn't need to. 

So, Where Are We Going with This?

The point, I believe, is this.  Many, many people are looking for the “best antiaging product”.

Why?  Possibly for many different reasons.  We have all watched people get older.  Some are strangers to us while others are people we care about and love.

Some of us are even watching this happen in the mirror!   We can testify from first-hand experience that our bodies no longer treat us the way they used to!

For example, I’ll tell my body to do something that it used to do without question, but now it just laughs at me, or worse, ignores me entirely!  What’s with that!

I see kids doing things today that I used to do effortlessly – running and jumping and climbing and many other physical gyrations requiring flexibility and good muscle tone.  Why, if I tried to do those things, I’d end up in a hospital bed in traction – or worse!

The Best Antiaging Product Is...

But I digress.  Let’s get back to  it.

And here is where the news gets really good. 

You already have it!  Yes, you do!

Maybe I should clarify by saying this: you already have it available to you!

No, I’m not kidding.  You do!  Really!

You see, the best antiaging product is food!  Yes, you read that correctly.  The best antiaging product is food!  Not just any food.  Good, healthy, plant based food - in moderate amounts!  Does that surprise you?

That’s It?

Of course some of us receive better genes from our parents and that is certainly a wonderful help.  But, even if our parents did not "do us right" with the genes they passed on to us, the best available product for our own health is still good, wholesome food.

Just food?  Any food?  By no means.  Certainly not.

I don't imagine you put diesel in your gas engine or gas in your diesel engine, do you?  Of course not.

Remember, food is fuel for your body.  How well you fuel (read “nourish”) your body will directly impact your health today and your health in the future.

So the question then becomes: what is the best food for my body?

You have come to the right place to find the answer to that question!

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