7 Ideas to Help You
Care Less About What Everyone Thinks

Are you worried about what everyone thinks? You’re certainly not alone. This is a common concern that faces people in every society.


Scientists believe this concern is rooted in evolution.  Then again, who cares what scientists believe?   Scientific beliefs  themselves evolve over time when scientists discover new information that debunks their earlier theories.

Science certainly has a legitimate purpose, but pretending to have the wisdom of God is not an appropriate function of science.

The reality is, we do not have all the answers.  Sure we wish we did and even go so far as to believe we do, but we simply don’t have all the information we wish we had.  So, to make up for our lack of information we construct theories that scientists promote as fact when they remain as only theories.


Another reason I believe is that we don’t want to have God in the picture.  If God is real, then He is in charge, and what if He has expectations of me?  What if He’s coming again?  What if there is a judgment and I am to be held accountable for how I live my life?

The possibility that God actually exists makes me nervous, so I will paint Him out of the picture.  But that reasoning does not solve my problem.  The reality of God’s existence is not dependent on my belief.

But I digress. 

Help for Caring Less About the Opinion of Others

1. Almost no one actually cares. From the time we enter school until the day we say goodbye to life, we seem to believe that others care about what we’re doing, how well we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. In reality, most people have other concerns that take priority.


2. The smoke clears quickly. Even if you get everyone’s tongues wagging about your divorce, affair, job loss, or nose job, everyone will move on quickly. It won’t be a week before people return to their priorities.

3. Regardless of what you do, some people will approve, and others won't.

    ● You’ll receive compliments on your $100k car from some folks, while others will look down on you for making what they consider to be a frivolous purchase.

lose weight

   ● Lose 50 pounds and you’ll receive compliments from some, while others will tell you that you look unhealthy and should see a doctor.

   ● You could adopt a family of third-world orphaned toddlers and someone will be upset that you brought foreigners into the country.

   ● You saw the Rolling Stones? Their music stinks.

● You can’t please everyone. Ever.

4. They don’t know you. No one knows what is best for you. You can’t even figure that out for yourself half of the time, but you have a better idea than your cubicle mate at work. Others don’t know you well enough to have a valid opinion.


5. The end results are yours to deal with, good or bad. The results of your choices are your responsibility. The bad choices you make are yours to clean up. The good results you receive in life are yours to enjoy. Make your own decisions, because you’re alone in dealing with the consequences.

6. Life is short. The years fly by, especially as you get older. One day just melts into the next. It only makes sense to live your life your way.

7. It gets easier. Once you stop basing your choices on the opinions of others, you quickly learn that it doesn’t matter what others think. It gets easier to care even less the next time.

You don’t need many people in your circle to thrive in today’s world. Those who matter are on your side. The rest are irrelevant. Stop being overly concerned about what others think and you’ll feel a new freedom to live the life you want.

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