A Plan for Physical Fitness

How do you put together a plan to improve your physical fitness or to become physically fit? It's not like you're 18 or 20 anymore is it? Your body does not respond quite the same way it did several decades ago. Your balance is not up to what it used to be either.

Your energy level? Energy. Energy. Your beginning to remember what that was. It's what your grandkids have so much of isn't it? That's what they have that makes them bounce off the walls and run around and around all day long, right?

Yeah, you think you used to have some of that stuff; actually, a lot of that stuff, just like your grandkids do now, but that was a long time ago! Today you do not have a lot of memory, much less a lot of energy!

Fit Seniors and Grandkids

Can You Do Anything About It?

Is there anything you can do now about your decreased level of energy? You do not want to see pictures of young women and men with perfect bodies because that does not accurately reflect your current station in life. Your body does not have the same capacity to grow and rebuild that it used to have.

Let's be real. You're a senior and you have to take it more slowly while realizing your needs differ greatly from those young chicks and bucks. Is there anything out there that will benefit you?

The answer is a definite “yes”, but with some caveats or conditions. These may seem obvious, but it is still necessary to put them on the table so you are very clear in order to have very realistic expectations. You do not have the time or inclination to wander down some flower-strewn pathway to nowhere.

OK, So What's the Catch?

First of all, consider how interested you are in improving. Are you willing to commit to a certain level of participation for a specified period of time? Depends on the level of participation and length of time, you say?

Fair enough. You will be fully informed before you make a significant commitment. The length of time will also be spelled out for you ahead of your decision.

As long as you clearly understand that anything worth having is also worth some time and effort to obtain.

Well, Maybe ...

The program I'm going to suggest is put together by a physician and a (MD) and a personal trainer who specialize in seniors. These ladies know their stuff. I would not recommend them to you if they did not.

You can download an eBook immediately for $ 10 or order a hard copy for $ 20. It's up to you.

It's Never Too Late to Be Fit. 

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