Best Senior Exercises

Most seniors recognize the necessity of regular exercise.  Rules governing our muscles are the same as other gifts we may have: use them or lose them.  Unused muscles tend to atrophy, weaken and go away.

Let’s face it, exercise can present challenges for us that don’t exist for children and young adults.   Maybe our balance isn’t what it used to be so falling can be a real concern.  We may now have disabilities that we did not have in our younger years.  In other words, we need to be more careful in choosing exercises that are most beneficial to us, given our current age and state of health.

My wife, Dianne, and I have found walking to be particularly beneficial for us over the years.  We feel especially grateful to  be in Hawaii right now and able to avoid the really cold snap being experienced on the mainland.  We try to start by 8 AM and usually finish by 9:30 or 10 AM, depending on how many stops we take, to enjoy the ocean views or other interesting sites or conversations we have.

Walking in Oklahoma in the winter time can be challenging, as it is now, at jp,e, according to the reports we get from friends and other news from home become available to us.  Walking in a large box store, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and similar stores help us get steps.

If you have access to a swimming pool, your options for low impact exercises are greatly increased.  No heavy weights to drop on your foot and no machine from which to fall.  Additionally, there is no equipment to buy!

Here are some great aerobic water exercises to consider.

This is a video of resistance band exercises for both men and women.  The common denominator of these exercises is they are all demonstrated by young people with perfect bodies!  This video also shows how to modify the exercises as needed.

If you are interested in Pilates, this is a video for beginners you might find useful to meet your needs.

There are still other exercises available that use only your own body weight.  Again, no other weights are needed.

For anyone who feels the need to exercise with some weights, this is a demonstration of using only dumbbells.  They correctly begin with a few warm-up exercises, then move on to the dumbbells.

Exercise promotes good health which promotes longer independence, which we all desire.  Exercise also improves balance and provides more energy.  Preventing and counteracting disease are other benefits of exercise.  Improved brain function is an additional benefit of exercise.

This site is all about Senior Healthy Lifestyles, so we hope you find this information useful!

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