Your God of Christmas

We don’t know when Jesus was born, but we do know He certainly was born.  On this planet.  We choose this day to celebrate that fact. 


Have you thought about it?  What god do you follow?  Is it a god (lowercase g) or the God (uppercase G)?  There are many gods but only one God. 

Influence, popularity, money, and power could be examples of gods pursued by many.  Others work for a beautiful home, a luxury vehicle, or a well-padded retirement.  You know, the good things life has to offer some of us.


Such goals can certainly be beneficial.  If or when the goal is achieved, then what?  Where do you go from here? 

When considering God there are multiple choices.  There’s the Dali Lama, Mohammad, Buda, Allah, and others.  They are great men to be sure.  But they’re all dead.  What benefit can they offer anyone?


Doesn’t it make more sense to choose a God who is alive and eager to establish a relationship with you and me?

But there is a possible downside to the worship of a God who is living.  What if He has expectations of us?  What if we don’t get along together?

Reasonable questions.  The God revealed in the Bible, Jesus, provides an abundant supply of reasonable answers.

read the Bible

Go ahead and check Him out.  A good starting place could be one of the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.  My favorite is John.

Don’t take anyone else’s word for it.  Check Him out for yourself.  If you start with a humble heart and a prayer for His presence, He’ll be more than happy to meet you there.  Make this Christmas the one to remember.

Why not start right now?

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