Senior Living Communities

Today there are many types of senior living communities from which we can choose.

Probably the first choice for each of us would be some kind of independent living, where we are totally independent yet have many of the amenities that are so popular with active, vibrant seniors.  Such amenities could include a golf course, a clubhouse with activities, a swimming pool or pools, and transportation to local attractions, among other interesting allurements.  While we still live in our own home, we have no concern with any outside maintenance.  It’s taken care of for us!

Choices are Good!

Next on the list might be a certain level of assisted living.  This likely includes things such as meal preparation or delivery, assistance with dressing and personal hygiene, or help with our medications.  Perhaps we are living in our own home or living in a larger building in common with other seniors.

Another level of senior living that is available includes memory care.  For example we might need…ah, what was that again?  Oh yes, the kind of care that provides assistance for those with memory issues; many times including Alzheimer’s care.  Not a possibility anyone wants to think about, but possible never the less.

 A more cheerful option could well be an adult family home.  Usually this option is pretty much what the name implies.  It is a home where the owner has taken in a number of adults and provides all necessary daily care.  Many times it is a home in a neighborhood looking from the street like other homes, but housing seniors.

My step-dad has been in a home like this for the past five years and is very happy with the arrangement.  He has a private room to himself yet can join other members of the household for games and meals.

The best resource I can recommend for you is They provide ratings and reviews for senior living communities, care providers, and senior resources all across the country (USA).  To check them out, click here: Read Senior Housing Reviews

How About You?

Do you or any of your loved ones have any knowledge or experience with any kind of senior living community?  Please share with us.  Leave a comment below!

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