How to Handle Toxic Relationships

Most seniors have come to realize the importance of having and nurturing healthy relationships.  Having such relationships is what brings joy and meaning to life.  In a perfect world, all of our relationships would be innervating and supportive.  As you have noticed, our world is considerably less than perfect.

There may be some people we encounter that are difficult for us to relate.  Maybe they are a challenge because their interests and viewpoints are mostly focused on themselves.  They are looking for people who will listen to their monologues about their own interests and accomplishments

Maybe they have little interest in sharing a dialogue or having a back-and-forth conversation with you.  Maybe they have nothing positive to say about anything or anyone.

If you have decided this is not a relationship you wish to continue, what are your options?  Maybe you've recently discovered that your relationship is toxic, or poisonous to you.

One of the reasons a relationship is toxic is because it is so difficult to leave, and you may feel totally and completely isolated. You might be wondering how you should deal with a toxic relationship. Below are three ways to handle it.

1. Stop Lying.  When you are in a toxic relationship, you will lie to protect yourself from the other person's wrath and lie to protect yourself from the truth. Well, it's time to stop lying.

If you aren't truly happy in the relationship, you need to tell yourself that. If you think you deserve better, be honest about that too.

Next, start standing up in your relationship. Likely, the other person will be shocked. This may lead to them avoiding you, which might be a good thing when it comes to leaving a toxic relationship.

2. Accept That it Won’t Be Easy Leaving a toxic relationship will not be easy, but it must be done if you want to be truly happy in life and live up to your potential.

So the first step to taking this leap will be to have a pep talk with yourself so that you know difficult times are coming. It will help you to stay on the path you are on even when times get tough.

It may also help at this time to make a list of all the people or resources you could use to help you through the coming difficult times.

3. Practice Ending the Relationship in Advance. If you are truly in a toxic relationship, it will be very difficult to confront the other person.

To make sure you don't get nervous and back down, practice what you will say to them in front of a mirror before you say it. It might also help you stick to your guns if you list all the bad parts of the relationship.

While you might be tempted to remember the good parts when it comes time to take action, you need to remind yourself why you are taking action.

Overall, handling a toxic relationship is never easy, but if you start by telling the truth, knowing it will be a difficult road, and practicing how you will do it, you will likely find that you are much stronger than you thought.

Remember, even the worst relationships had their good points, but if the relationship you are in is truly toxic, then it has to go.  Remaining in a toxic relationship benefits no one.

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