How the Web Impacts Your Life

Once a curiosity for the tech-obsessed, the Internet is now a part of our daily lives. It has become an invaluable tool to work, shop, learn, and stay connected. Unfortunately, it also offers us new ways to bury our heads in the sand. 

time on web

Too often, people get so caught up in the Internet that they lose touch with the real world. If this sounds like you, don't worry – there are simple steps you can take to stop the Internet from taking over your life.

Dealing with how the web impacts your life.

Recognize There is a Problem

The first step to dealing with any issue is recognizing that there is a problem. How much time do you spend on the Internet? Does it ever hold you back from accomplishing your goals?

 Track Your Usage

Tracking your internet time has never been easier. Most smartphones and computers ship with apps to track your screen time. Tracking your internet usage will help you spot troubling patterns before they become an issue.

Schedule Internet Time

schedule your time on the web

The Internet is at our fingertips, making it so easy to turn to whenever we want. Try to stick to a schedule for online or screen time. If you find the idea of an internet schedule silly, focus on the apps or websites that are your biggest time sinks.

For example, limit the times you check your email to morning and night.

web notifications

  Stop Living for Your Notifications

Too many people seemed to be ruled by their notifications. No matter what they are doing, a simple beep or vibration can cause them to break focus and check their device. Pick and choose the notifications you accept carefully. By selecting only the most urgent apps, you can limit how disruptive they are.

No More Scrolling in Bed

scrolling in bed

Getting high-quality sleep is an essential part of peak performance and health. Using your phone in bed is a surefire way to ensure poor-quality sleep. Ditch the phone before you lay down for bed.

 Focus On Your Food While You Eat

Another good time to put your device away is when you eat. Mindful eating is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship with food. Losing the phone also allows you to be present with the people around you.

Get Outside Every Day

get outside every day

A great way to get a break from technology is to get outside for a walk every day. Going for a walk keeps you physically active, boosts your mood, helps your posture, and gives you a break from the Internet's constant connection.

 Cut Down Your Friend Lists

You don't have to add anyone you have ever met to your social media accounts. Having huge friend lists is more complex and more time-consuming to manage. Social media won't feel hectic when you are more careful about who you "friend" online.

Spend Time with People in Real Life

Spending time with your loved ones can help you forget about the online world altogether. Why worry about your social media when you can live a social life?  Laughing with good friends and family makes the rest of the world (online and offline) melt away.


1.   Figure out where you waste the most time online. Is it a specific app or website? Is it social media? Email?

2.   Now that you know where you are wasting your time, try using those apps or websites only at certain times. For example, only check your social media in the afternoon after work.

Get up right now and go for a walk. You can take your phone with you in an emergency, but try to keep it in your pocket. Practice being mindful of the world around you

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