Time Management: 
Is It Really Worth the Effort?

Time management is the skill of planning and organizing your tasks based on the time you have available. It can help you prioritize your activities, set realistic goals, and avoid procrastination.

But is time management really worth the effort? What are the benefits of managing your time effectively? In this article, we will explore some of the advantages of time management and how it can improve your work and life.

Meet Alice and Bob

Alice and Bob are two colleagues who work in the same company. They have similar roles and responsibilities, but they have very different approaches to time management.

Alice is a master of time management. She always has a clear plan for her day, week, and month. She uses a calendar, a to-do list, and a timer to keep track of her tasks and deadlines.

Alice and Bob

She knows how to prioritize her work based on urgency and importance. She breaks down large projects into smaller steps and sets milestones for each one. She avoids distractions and interruptions by turning off notifications, working in a quiet environment, and delegating or saying no to tasks that are not part of her goals. She also makes sure to leave some buffer time for unexpected events or emergencies.

Bob is a poor time manager. He does not have a plan for his work. He relies on his memory or sticky notes to remember his tasks and deadlines. He does not know how to prioritize his work based on urgency and importance.

He often works on multiple tasks at once, switching back and forth without finishing any of them. He gets easily distracted and interrupted by emails, phone calls, social media, and other people’s requests. He also does not account for any contingencies or problems that might arise.

time management

The Benefits of Time Management

As you can imagine, Alice and Bob have very different outcomes in their work and life. Alice enjoys many benefits of time management, while Bob suffers from many drawbacks of poor time management.

Here are some of the benefits that Alice experiences:

  •    Less stress: Alice manages her time well, which reduces her stress level and increases her confidence. She does not feel overwhelmed by her workload or pressured by deadlines.
time management 2
  •    Better work-life balance: Alice has a better work-life balance than Bob. She knows how to set boundaries between her work and personal life. She does not let her work interfere with her family, friends, hobbies, or health.
  •    More time freedom: Alice has more time freedom than Bob. She can finish her tasks faster and more efficiently than him, which gives her more flexibility and control over her schedule.
  •    Greater focus: Alice has a greater focus than Bob. She concentrates on one task at a time until she completes it. She does not waste time or energy on irrelevant or unimportant things.
  •    Higher levels of productivity: Alice is more productive than Bob. She accomplishes more in less time with less effort. She delivers high-quality results that meet or exceed expectations.
  •    Less procrastination: Alice procrastinates less than Bob. She does not put off tasks that she does not like or find difficult. She tackles them as soon as possible or schedules them for later when she is more prepared or motivated.
  •    Things are simpler and easier: Alice makes things simpler and easier for herself than Bob does. She simplifies her tasks by breaking them down into manageable chunks. She organizes her tasks by grouping them into categories or themes.
  •    Less distraction: Alice is less distracted than Bob. She minimizes the sources of distraction that can interfere with her workflow. Some other benefits that Alice enjoys are:
  •    More creativity: Alice is more creative than Bob.
  •    More satisfaction: Alice is more satisfied than Bob with her work and life.
  •    More happiness: Alice is happier than Bob overall.


Time management is definitely worth the effort if you want to improve your work and life quality. By managing your time effectively, you can enjoy many benefits such as less stress, better work-life balance, more time freedom, greater focus, higher levels of productivity, less procrastination, things being simpler and easier, less distraction, more creativity, more opportunities, more satisfaction, and more happiness.

If you want to learn how to manage your time as Alice does, here are some tips:

  •    Plan your day ahead: Make a list of your tasks for the next day before you go to bed.
  •    Schedule your tasks: Use a calendar or an app to assign a specific time slot for each task.
  •    Break down large tasks: Divide big projects into smaller steps and set milestones for each one.
  •       Avoid multitasking: Focus on one task at a time until you finish it.
  •       Eliminate distractions: Turn off notifications, close tabs, silence phones, wear headphones, etc.
  •    Delegate or say no: Outsource or decline tasks that are not part of your goals or responsibilities.
  •      Review your progress: Check your completed tasks at the end of the day and evaluate your performance.
  •    Reward yourself: Celebrate your achievements with something you enjoy.

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