Exercise equipment for seniors is a very important component of staying healthy and vigorous.  Why?  Because of the unfortunate reality that as you age, your muscles gradually atrophy; they lose strength and power.  Thus, over time, it becomes more difficult to maintain a good, healthy posture and activities you use to participate in regularly, you are now less able to do. 

You must keep yourself moving or you will lose more and more ability to move until you will find it increasingly difficult to move at all.  As you muscles weaken your joints become more vulnerable to injury and it can be more difficult to maintain your balance and do simple things well, like walk briskly and in good form.

Maybe you are a senior who has been working out for many years and find yourself to be in better condition than your children and grandchildren!  If so, good for you!  You don’t need to hear about the benefits of being physically fit – you continue to experience them!

Exercise Equipment for Seniors - Specialized

There is special exercise equipment designed for seniors that enables you to begin an exercise program at any age and any fitness level.  You no longer have any excuse to put off beginning an exercise routine.  Sorry about that! 

There are two places most seniors choose to exercise, at home or at a gym.  There are advantages to both.  However, for the purpose of this discussion we will assume that you have decided to opt for the most convenient choice, home.

Please Check With Your Healthcare Provider First!

Before beginning any exercise program, it is best to check with your health care provided to make sure that you are ready to begin.  Once you have been cleared to start, it is important to remember to start our very slowly. 

If you have been inactive for a bit, you may be tempted to overdo it when your begin exercising.  You may be tempted to think you should work until you are fatigued.  However, a day or two later, your muscles might be very “vocal” about complaining to you about being overworked!  You might find yourself to be very sore and stiff!

So, please resist the temptation to go too “gung ho” when you first start out.  Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  You should at all times be comfortable.  If you hurt yourself or overdo it, you may be tempted to quit.  That would not be a good thing for you.

Your motto needs to be: s-l-o-w and e-a-s-y.  You may be tempted to overdo it, but it’s very important to resist that temptation.

OK, now that you understand the importance starting very slowly and taking plenty of time to give your body time to “acclimatize” to the demands you are placing on it, let’s consider some equipment you might find useful.

The exercise equipment for seniors you might consider would have qualities like this:

•         It would be portable.  It should be easy to transport so you take it with you on a trip or vacation.

•         It would be light weight.  It shouldn’t be part of your regime to build muscle trying to pick it up!

•         It should be easy to use.  No need to get frustrated trying to figure out how it works!

•         It should be affordable.  Building your body should not break your bank account.

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