How to Connect With Others
When You Feel All Alone

It’s natural to feel lonely at times. No one has the social life they desire all of the time. Friends can come and go. Relationships begin and end. When you’re most alone, it can be the most challenging to connect with others. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. How committed are you to solve this challenge?

Try These Techniques to Connect with Others 
and Reduce Your Loneliness.

 1. Give people your full attention. Nothing is more complimentary than giving someone your full and undivided attention.


   ◦ Everyone is so distracted these days that few people can hold a decent conversation anymore. Give the person in front of you your full attention. They’ll love you for it.

2. Avoid being stingy with compliments. Honest compliments are always appreciated. Everyone is susceptible to a sincere compliment. If you like someone’s shoes, smile, or sense of humor, tell them. You’ll really make their day.


3. Find things you have in common. Ultimately, we connect best with those similar to ourselves. The more you have in common, the more likely you’ll enjoy spending time together. Find areas you have in common and focus on those.

4. Follow up. Avoid letting the good ones getaway. Get the contact information of anyone that interests you and stay in touch.

   ◦ You might have to be the one that steps up and says, “Hey, want to have dinner on Thursday?” It can be hard to find a potential friend, so keep in touch with the best possibilities.


 5. Show sincere interest. Ask others about their lives. Show interest in the things that are important to them. It can be as simple as asking about their weekend or family.

   ◦ So many people are preoccupied with their own lives, you’ll stand out by showing an interest in someone else’s.


 6. Meet more people. Finding a new friend or romantic partner is a game of numbers. The more people you meet, the better your odds of success. Get out of the house and meet as many people as you can.

   ◦ There are many others in a similar situation. You just have to find each other.

 7. Enjoy the time you spend alone. There are a lot of advantages to spending time by yourself. You can do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to take a nap, go to the movies, sing in the shower, or give your dog a bath. It’s entirely up to you.

   ◦ It’s nice to have unlimited freedom to do whatever you like from time to time.

 8. Investigate online options. There are plenty of ways to find people online. Whether you want a date, friend, workout buddy, or pen pal, it’s all as close as your internet browser.


   ◦ If possible, try to create relationships that involve face-to-face contact in real life. A strictly online relationship isn’t the same thing but can be nice, too.

If you’re feeling lonely, take solace that many others feel the same way. There’s no reason to be alone if you don’t want to be.

The responsibility to rebuild your social life is your responsibility. There are plenty of options and the basics are simple. Be kind, show genuine interest in others, and meet as many people as you can. The rest is just details.

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