Your Personal Power

"Personal Power" is our ability to detach from the expectations and influence of others. Instead, we rely on our innate skills, core beliefs, and values. Many of us need help with maintaining this personal power.

speak up!

Too often, we give our power away by letting others negatively influence us. Here are nine signs that you may be giving your personal power away.

Each one of us must realize that we have personal power. When we know that reality, we must determine when and if we decide to give it away.

You Tolerate Things You Hate

A big part of life is putting up with the odd things we don't like just to make a loved one happy. There is nothing wrong with that. However, constantly engaging in things you hate because you don't want to speak up is a problem.


You shouldn't have to tolerate activities or people that you genuinely don’t like. Claim your personal power back by speaking up in this situation.

You Don't Speak Up When Something Is Wrong

Sometimes, staying quiet to avoid an argument is a strategic move. However, if you find yourself constantly doing this, you might be negating your personal power. Not every battle is worth fighting, but everyone should be comfortable speaking up when their core beliefs are challenged.

  You Worry About The Opinions Of Others

We all have people in our lives whose feelings we should consider. This includes our closest loved ones, friends, and some other colleagues. However, you can't constantly worry about what everyone thinks of you.

worry about what others think

Worrying too much about the opinions of random people is one of the most significant ways we dilute our personal power. What's more important, your core values or what someone you don't even know thinks about you?

 You Don't Set Boundaries

An essential part of a fulfilling life is setting healthy boundaries. When you refuse to set limits or let people walk all over you, you are giving away your personal power to them. Remember, if people care about you, they will respect your boundaries.

 You Complain About Other People Too Much

Do you constantly complain, gossip, or talk about other people? This is a sure sign that you give other people too much control of your personal power.

gossiping about others

Why would you waste your energy worrying this much about others when you could spend that time on your goals, self-care, or simply enjoying yourself?

 You Let Others Call The Shots

One of the most common ways we give up our personal power is by letting someone else call all the shots. How can you feel powerful if you never make your own decisions? While staying in the passenger seat might be comfortable, we all must take the wheel occasionally.

You Don't Listen To Your Gut Feelings

Do you trust yourself? People with a strong sense of personal power believe in their gut instincts. When you ignore your instinct or intuition, you imply that you don't trust yourself. Learning to trust your hunches and instincts will help you gain personal power.

  You Change Your Goals
Based On Other People's Opinions

A significant aspect of personal power is having goals that you work towards. Your goals should reflect your desires and values. If you allow others to dictate your goals, are you living life for yourself?


You will have goals that people shrug off as silly or impossible, but don't allow their negativity to rob you of personal power.

You're Hypersensitive To Criticism

No one likes to hear criticism, but if you become an emotional wreck after negative feedback, you give others too much control over you.

Criticism is a normal part of life; you can choose how you react. People with strong personal power will accept valid criticism while ignoring the untrue.

Hopefully, this quick “check-up from the neck-up.” was helpful for you!

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