Life is a Routine

Life is routine.  It usually begins when we wake up in the morning, except for those who work the night shift and wake up in the evening.  Our routines may differ widely, but, in our own way, we each have our own patterns.


In my younger years, my routine changed according to my work experience.  My schedule changed from when I was selling insurance or baby formula to when I was teaching junior high school.

Now that I’m retired, my routines are much more flexible and malleable than they were during my active working years.  I suppose it could still be said I still have a routine, but it certainly is not as clearly defined as it use to be.

routines 2

I still go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning, but after that, our schedule becomes much less repetitive and certain.  Dianne and I are actually quite pleased with that.  We enjoy the ability to be spontaneous by eating out or traveling to places we appreciate.

Are routines a good thing or a bad thing?  The answer, of course, is yes,  Definitely, yes.  To both.  No doubt about it.

routines 3

Routines are good when we feel happy and content and hopeful for the future.  They offer a sense of stability and purpose while helping direct us to whatever goal or objective we seek.  They help us maintain a sense of order and predictability.

It may be that routines are not always good or could use some fine-tuning.  That, too, may be a good thing because it may make us more inclined to examine our activities more critically and access them more carefully to determine the potential strengths and weaknesses of our habitual schedule.

routines 4

Let’s face it, anything we do could use some improvement, isn’t that right?  The problem with that reality is that improvement involves change.  Change can be very uncomfortable.  I like comfort and, for that reason, I like to avoid anything that makes me uncomfortable.

An important consideration, then, is this: Is the change I am considering worth the cost of experiencing some discomfort?  That’s a question worth asking, isn’t it?

For me, it’s important to note that I need routines.  At the end of the day, they help me to look back and evaluate my day.  Did I accomplish everything I wanted a accomplish?  Maybe I forgot to do something I intended to do.  What went well and what might I have done better?

What about you?  Are your routines working well for you?  If so, great!  If you feel a need to modify them a bit, why not go for it?

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