Retire on a Budget

If you are nearing retirement or even already retired, you may want to take a look at retirement locations that offer lower costs of living, yet offer an abundance of choices available to you for enjoying your retirement to the fullest extent possible.

In this article, we will consider 5 locations in the continental United States from the Midwest to the South and even the Far West.  Let’s start our overview in the Midwest with Tulsa, OK.


Living in any city is not my first choice but, if you’re okay with it, Tulsa is one of the most affordable cities in the United States at 11.6% below the US average.  As a senior, you won’t feel alone because  12.5% of the population is above 65.

Living costs for seniors are also low, from groceries to housing and healthcare, which are below the national average.  Additionally, housing-related prices are exceptionally affordable to seniors, sitting at 34.9% below the US average.

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Decatur, Alabama is a great option because of its low cost of living and many inexpensive housing options.  The national cost of a median home value in the United States is $428,700.  In Alabama the median cost is only $149,600.

Decatur, Alabama

Retirees can live in Decatur for 11.0% below the national average.  Also, the city is friendly for retirees because there are no local or state taxes on Social Security benefits and qualified retirement income is exempt from state taxes.

To get more information about Decatur, Alabama, click here.

Another more affordable place to live in the Midwest is Columbus, Ohio.  The median home value is near $250,000, while the cost of living is 9.4% below the national average.

Columbus, OH

Columbus, Ohio, is one of America's most affordable large cities (population is just under 1,000,000).  Everything from groceries, household expenses, and healthcare costs are significantly below the national average, so you’ll have little trouble sticking to your budget in this Midwestern town.

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Looking at the West, Las Vegas, Nevada, has many qualities to recommend itself.  Nevada is a tax-friendly state which also makes it an excellent retirement destination.  It has no personal income tax and, social security income isn’t taxable.  There is also no inheritance or estate tax.

Las Vegas, NV

Utility costs are also 10% below the national average, and food prices are affordable.  The many attractions and activities in Las Vegas are available as many outdoor activities in and around the surrounding areas.

To learn more about Las Vegas, Nevada, click here.

Sherman, Texas is one of the cheapest cities in the United States in which to reside.  It boasts one of the lowest costs of living at 13.0% below the national average.  The cost of a median home in Sherman if around 265,000 which is significantly lower than the national average.

Sherman, TX

The population is about 44,000, which I imagine will change significantly in the near future, given the large investments being made in the area.

Sherman, Texas has no income tax and social security income is not taxed, and qualified retirement income is also exempt from state taxes.

If you’d like more information on Sherman, Texas, click here.

I hope you have found the above information to be helpful.  If you’d like information on another area, please drop me a note using the form provided below.

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