Senior Single Travel
(It is no less fun!)

Senior single travel is a hugely growing industry.  Eight thousand baby-boomers become senior citizens every day.  Many of those are single seniors traveling.

It used to be that a senior single would sit on the front porch in a rocking chair with his/her cat for company.  Then,  they, especially ladies, wouldn’t dare travel alone. 

However, today’s senior single travels alone with little fear.  She meets other seniors, makes new friends and enjoys new experiences in faraway, exotic places.

Cruise lines have noticed the increase in single senior travel and have responded to their needs.  Many lines have dropped or greatly reduced their single supplement fees. 

Others have introduced “Over 50 Singles-Only” packages, and still more have roommate pairing services to encourage single travelers.

Taking a cruise vacation is a popular choice for many seniors.  Almost every creature comfort imaginable is available on the ship and many are available at every hour of the day or night. You can see just how wonderful the choice is by getting yourself a copy of  Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2014

Round trip transportation to and from the airport for you and your luggage is usually provided.  In addition to the terrific food and lodging, ships offer all laundry services, plus beauty shops, barber shops, boutiques, fitness classes and duty-free beverages.

Other Benefits

In addition to plenty of shopping opportunities, there are plenty of entertainment choices: shows, enrichment classes, pools, and casinos – for those willing to put some money at risk.

There are plenty of occasions to play or learn, or mingle and meet other single seniors.  Female singles don’t even need to worry about finding a dance partner.  Many cruise lines employ male dancer hosts who are smartly dressed and over 50, so any woman who wishes to dance is not left out. 

If a single woman would like to do some shopping on shore, she can arrange to have a crew member accompany her.

If you are a senior traveling alone, there is probably no safer way to travel than by cruise ship.  The constant presence of the crew and other passengers is a very good assurance of your safety. 

Every ship also has in infirmary that is staffed by physicians and nurses.  You can rest assured knowing you have 24-hour access to medical care.

Please share your cruise experiences with us below.

All aboard!

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