Foods Highest in Antioxidants
(and where you can get them)

Foods high in antioxidants help strengthen your immune system and keep you freer of illness and disease.  We all want good health, and eating foods that provide excellent nutrition go a long way to providing good health.

The table below lists the foods that are highest in antioxidants.

As you look at this list of foods, does anything jump out at you about them?  If you look closely, you may notice that foods highest and antioxidants are all plant-based foods.

So what are most cows fed?  That depends of what part of their lives you are considering.  Most of the time, beef cattle are first raised on their mother’s milk, and afterwards raised on grass.  

Grass feeding usually continues until they near the time to be sent to the slaughter house.  In preparing for that process, they are then sent to a large lot where they are fed grains or grass and grains to fatten them up to be processed.

And Your Point Is...?

So what is it that cattle seem to know that we humans don’t?  Why is it that their primary diet is plant based and much of human’s diet is not plant based?  Many animals in the wild are vegetarians.  Elephants and apes seem to do well on plant based diets.

Why should animals get all the advantages of foods highest in antioxidants?  Does it not make sense for us to go directly to plant based foods ourselves instead of getting it second-hand through dead animals?

What do you think?  Is that reasonable?  Share your thoughts below!

Please share your thoughts and any response you may have in the form below.

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