A Love Letter

I was recently introduced to a letter, not just any everyday, run-of-the-mill letter, but a love letter, written by a totally smitten, over-the-top guy to his soon-to-be wife.

He could be almost any age. Was he in his early 20s? Maybe middle age? Could he be even older? I don’t find anything in the letter to clearly indicate his age. The most obvious takeaway for me is this guy has clearly flipped out over the woman of his dreams.!

“Love makes the world go round” is said to be first said by W.S. Gilbert back in the early 60s. Nowadays, the world does not seem to be going around very well. At the same time, there also seems to be a severe lack of love in the world.

A coincidence? I think not. Thus, the love letter below stands out in stark contrast to what we see dominating our world today.

The Letter

My Darling,

It’s kinda funny, how I can be reading along, minding my own business, when a word or phrase seems to jump out at me, without regard for context. That just happened. When I got to John 18 and the last part of verse 11, I read this: "Shall I not drink the cup which the Father has given me?"

Interesting to me that Jesus, with full knowledge of what awaited Him, would make a statement like that. Given that reality, how is it possible He could say that?

That the very Son of God, the Master of the Universe, the Creator of the world, and Sustainer of all life could utter such a statement, leaves me dumb with amazement. And He had full knowledge the cup was infinitely bitter.

Add to that, the fact that He is my example compels me to drop to my knees and worship. He appears to model the correct action is simply to "drink the cup which my Father has given me", without consideration for what the cup contains.

But that is an impossible task without having the same relationship with the Father that Jesus had. There's the challenge for me. Not a difficult one, to be sure, but a significant challenge nevertheless.

Though we qualify for heaven individually, I want to walk there with you. My heart is bursting with the joy of loving you and the hope of spending the rest of our lives together. Language fails to adequately express my gratitude for being able to live in a deep relationship with you.

I love you, _______________

In this world of turmoil and mistrust, when people who don’t agree seem to not be able to tolerate another’s point of view, it is refreshing to find a letter full of love. And what makes this letter even better for me is to find that love is based on something deeper than worldly glitz and pleasure.

If each of us could spread a little more love–the kind that God bestows on us and wants for us–perhaps we could make the world a better place.

Oh, I have no delusions. There will still be unrest and bitterness and hatred. But maybe we could make our own special “close” world a little bit more in harmony with what God had in mind for us. That’s what I want in my world.

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