Succeed in Social Gatherings

senior social gathering

Some social gatherings are required due to family or work commitments. Others aren’t needed but provide an excellent opportunity to leave the house and make a new friend or two. Unless you’re socially gifted, doing well at these events takes practice.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice. How good would you be at tennis if you only played a few times each year? Learning more about effective social interaction can increase the odds of success.

Make the Most of Your Social Interactions

1. Act like you’re the host. That doesn’t mean lying and telling everyone it’s your party. Ask people if they’re having a good time. Offer to refill someone’s drink. Display the comfort that comes from being the host of the party. It’s a great perspective to adopt; you’ll put others at ease. You might even be the life of the party.


2. Remember that you won’t see most of these people again. Unless it’s a work function, most of these people are strangers you’ll never cross paths with again. Most social gatherings are a good place to try out a more outgoing version of your personality. Take a few risks and make it a night to remember.

3. Have reasonable expectations. You’re not in a movie. Most of your conversations will be less than stimulating. You've had a good evening, even if you have just one good conversation or two. Avoid believing you must be the most charming person in the room to claim victory.

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4. Smile. Nothing makes you easier to talk to than putting a smile on your face. You’ll make others feel the same way if you look happy and relaxed. Smiles are inexpensive and very effective.

5. Find the shyest, most uncomfortable person in the room. The person in the mirror doesn’t count. Look around and find this person. It won’t be too difficult. Make them your first conversation partner. You’ll feel more confident because they’re so anxious. You’ll also feel good about including someone in the fun that might have spent the entire evening miserable and alone.

6. Instead of trying to entertain, focus on being a good audience. Most people would rather talk to you than listen to you. It’s human nature. So, be accommodating. Give the other person your full attention and allow them to shine. You won’t have to think of anything clever to say, and you’ll be a hit.

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7. Give your appearance some attention. Put your best foot forward by ensuring your grooming and clothing are on point. Do your best to look your best. Most people don’t make enough of an effort. Don’t be like most people. A little attention to detail will help you to stand out.

8. Act like a confident person would act. If you don’t know how to be convinced, copy someone that is. Ask yourself what James Bond would do. How would he walk or stand? What level of eye contact would he maintain? What would his general demeanor be? Of course, if you’re a woman, you might prefer to pattern your social graces after another character!

You can be successful in all social situations, even if you’re introverted. Avoid demanding perfection from yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the event. You can never be sure who you’ll meet at a social gathering. It might become the best night of your life. Anyone can up their social game and learn to feel more at ease in social situations.

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