Proven Ways to Boost Your Brain Health

We pay more attention to the health of our body than we do to the health of our brain. Just as there are many things you can do to preserve the health of your body, you can also take steps to preserve your cognitive abilities. You have more control over your brain health than you might think.

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Taking the right steps today can help to avoid serious issues, like stroke and Alzheimer's disease down the road.

You can’t live without your brain, and you’ll struggle to enjoy life with a compromised brain. The future of your brain health largely depends on what you do today.

Boost your brain health today with these strategies:

1. Get enough sleep. Your body and brain don’t function properly without sleep. A lack of sleep is stressful for every component of your body. Healing and recovery occur during sleep. Your brain isn’t at its best if you’re not getting enough sleep each night.

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   ● How much sleep is enough? Let your body decide, but the experts generally agree that 7-9 hours is best for adults.

2. Have positive relationships. Your brain is healthier if you interact with other people in a positive way. Negative associations have a negative impact on your brain. Spending too much time alone isn’t good for your brain either. Spend time with people you enjoy.

 Avoid alcohol and tobacco

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. It’s no secret that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco can both have negative health consequences. Limit your use of these items as much as possible.

4. Be mentally active each day. Do something each day to challenge your brain. Brains develop when challenged. The loss of cognitive ability due to age can be slowed, too. There are plenty of activities to choose from:

● Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or any other brain puzzle

● Chess

● Study a new language.

● Study a musical instrument.

● Write: novel, journal, blog, poem.

● Play cards.

● Count backward from 500 by sevens.

● Do math problems.

● Go back to school and take a class.

Pay attention to your diet

5. Pay attention to your diet. The food you put into your body ultimately becomes your body. Think about that. Your body is composed of the things you eat, drink, and breathe. Better building blocks equal a better brain. The foods you eat matter tremendously.

6. Lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure has several negative consequences. Among those is damaging the lining of the blood vessels, including those in your brain. This significantly contributes to the likelihood of suffering a stroke, along with many other catastrophic health issues.

lower blood sugar

7. Lower your blood sugar. High blood sugar is also damaging to the lining of blood vessels. If you have blood sugar issues, it’s important to see your doctor and address it immediately.

   ● High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar tend to go together. It’s a dangerous combination.

8. Get adequate exercise. Exercise is good for your brain and body. You already know that you should be exercising, so make sure that you’re staying active. Join a gym and hire a trainer if necessary.

Many of the things that help your body, such as exercise and a healthy diet, are also good for your brain. You can kill two birds with one stone. Live a healthy lifestyle and keep your brain busy. You must exercise it if you want it to be at its best. The quality of your retirement largely depends on the quality of your brain health! Make the most of it.

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