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Most seniors have learned to respect the past; we have quite a bit of it, after all!  Our history is given little consideration in today's world, but we still remember.

Ever wondered, "Why is the Bible, written over 2,000 years ago by dozens of authors over 1,500 years in writing, still a bestseller today?" You may have scoffed at the idea once or twice. But here we are, chatting about this antiquated yet treasured piece of literature that remains relevant today - the Bible.


The Bible's tenure through history is both exciting and exhaustive. Incredibly, the Bible has survived harsh persecutions, countless wars, and relentless attempts to wipe it from existence. Even historical events like the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, which saw the loss of innumerable ancient texts, couldn't extinguish the Bible's flame.

The Bible’s impact on history is immeasurable. Beyond guiding personal principles and societal morals, it has shaped legal systems, inspired works of art, and served as the basis for many languages' first written words. It led to the creation of hospitals, universities, and countless charities. The Bible has unequivocally left its stamp on the world.

A fascinating aspect of the Bible's influence is the BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini or "In the Year of Our Lord") dating system. This method of timekeeping pegged to the estimated birth year of Jesus Christ, has become the globally accepted standard, further solidifying the Bible's impact on civilization.

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As for faithful believers, countless individuals throughout history have met cruel fates for their belief in the Bible. They've been ostracized, tortured, and even killed for refusing to renounce their faith. Yet, they have willingly faced such horrendous persecutions. Why? Because they strongly believed in the hope, comfort, and purpose that the teachings of the Bible bring.

"It has certainly greatly impacted my life and continues to give me peace and joy" is a sentiment echoed by millions of people around the globe, and for a good reason. The Bible's stories, teachings, and promises offer an extraordinary and transformative power.

There are countless personal testimonies of people recounting how they were changed, healed, or simply comforted by the Bible. They were once lost but now are found. They were mourning, but now they find joy. They were fearful, but now they live in peace.

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You might say, "That's great for them, but what about me?" And you'd be right to question. It's natural, and honestly, it's necessary. Like them, you might find that the Bible could provide the purpose, peace, and direction you're seeking.

We all go through difficult times. "it is most helpful in difficult times" is another sentiment many share about the Bible. It provides a sense of comfort, a beacon of hope in distress, and a source of wisdom when faced with life’s challenging decisions.

Through its pages, the Bible touches on every aspect of human experience - the happiness, the sadness, the triumphs, and the trials. It offers wisdom, solutions, and comfort for every situation, no matter how difficult.

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But remember this: considering the Bible, its teachings, and its significance is a personal journey. It's not about blindly accepting facts or being forced into believing something you aren't comfortable with. Instead, it's about exploring, questioning, and finding the answers for yourself.

Reading the Bible is like having a respectful, back-and-forth conversation. It's not just about listening and accepting; it's also about challenging and seeking clarity. It’s about learning to appreciate differing viewpoints and understanding why people have been able to hold on to these teachings for thousands of years.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Bible continues to be a bestseller is because it is not only historical but also personal. It speaks to people's fears, dreams, hopes, failures, and victories. It validates feelings, gives solace in grief, and encourages us in despair.

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It's not just a book; for many, it's a beacon of hope, a roadmap to a fulfilling life, an anchor in the storm. It's a light that illuminates the path in our darkest hour.

Isn't it worth a second look if the Bible is all this? Isn't it worth your time to reconsider, explore, and understand? Even if you've dismissed it before, it's always possible to open its pages again.

Let me tell you this: there's no harm in reading, seeking, or questioning. It's all part of discovering what gives your life purpose, meaning, peace, and joy.

We’re all searching for something – for meaning, for purpose, for peace. For some, they've found that in the Bible. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, you could too.

So why not give the Bible a try? Uncover its ancient wisdom, grasp its ageless teachings, and feel its universal comfort. And who knows? You might discover it provides the answers you seek!

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