Long Senior Road Trip - 2 of 3

As I mentioned in a previous article, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was a great experience, enjoyed by all three brothers and their wives.  In this issue, we'll talk about some of the other things we did in while at the fiesta.

It sems all three of us brothers share a common lack of enthusiasm for shopping.  One of the first shops we all visited specialized in hats.  Lots of hats.  Many kinds of hats from many places around the world.    

At first I was only curious.  I looked around and tried on several different hats.  Finally, I found a hat that fit and was comfortable.  Remember what they say about what curiosity did to the cat?  Turns out the cat wasn't the only victim.

3 guysThree bros in front of the hat store. David (youngest, on the left), Clancy (oldest, on the right), yours truly, in the middle.

In some small towns it was common to find a town square.  They still exist in a few remote towns today.  Old Town boasted a town square that remains  quite active with a gazebo which featured a mariachi band and some dancing.  

Favorite Mexican music was to be found aplenty, though sometimes the performer(s) had to compete with other musicians.  This musician was also very good.


Across the street from the above picture, is the town square.  The gazebo featured a mariachi band playing some great Mexican music.  Clip on the link below to enjoy it!

walkway in Old TownPlenty of opportunities for dedicated shoppers.

As late morning begin to approach lunch time, we asked around for a recommendation for a good place to eat.  The restaurant that was recommended to us was the Street Café, so something similar.  We then headed that direction and saw the entrance was crowded.   

We put our name in and were told the wait was about an hour.  So we wandered as we waited and finally were rewarded with a table.  They led us a good distance to the back of the building where we discovered a large room full of diners.  The food was excellent and well worth the wait!

lunchYup, I'm carrying the bag. Another reason she keeps me around!

I imagine the wait is not so long at times other than the Balloon Fiesta.  If you should find yourself in Old Town at lunch time, the Street Cafe will certainly be worth you time and attention!

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