When It's Good to Lose Interest

1. Driving at night

2. Driving in winter

3. Getting on a scale

4. Arguing with…

5. Being “fashionable”

6. Going to the gym

7. Kale

8. Wearing clothes that don’t stretch

9. Counting carbs

10. Caring about what other people think of me

As we seniors journey through life, we realize the scene is constantly changing. There are some good times and times that are not so good. What we may have enjoyed doing at a time earlier in life, we may not enjoy doing at a later time in life.

I’ve given some thought to some of those things in my life, and have come up with activities I have found to be less interesting to me today than they were in my earlier years. Some of these activities may resonate with you.

1. Driving at night, and 2. Driving in winter. I have never particularly enjoyed either activity, and I am less inclined to do either nowadays.

3. The scale. I was never “tight” with the scale, but we still tolerated each other. I had no “bone” to pick with it, and it never bothered me. We simply tolerated each other.

That is no longer the case. The scale has become very annoying to me. I don’t even like being near it. It never has anything good to say about me. It clearly does not like me and does not hesitate to make that very plain.

I was content when we simply tolerated each other, but no, the scale has decided to become aggressive and belittles me at every opportunity. Probably “belittles” is the wrong word. “Bebiggies” would certainly be more accurate.

I do try to take the high road by allowing the scale to remain in our house rather than treat it as it treats me – you know, kinda like “turning the other cheek” sort of thing.

4. Arguing with the mentally diminished. It’s pointless. I believe I have finally figured that out. You’ve heard the saying, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. The only remaining question is, which side of the argument qualifies as “mentally diminished”?

5. Being “fashionable”. I know, for some people, this is very important. In my earlier years, it was somewhat relevant for me, too. At this advanced point in my life, the standards are really quite simple: If it fits, it must therefore match. That causes my wife, Dianne, some consternation, but it’s easy for me to remember.

6. Going to the gym. Okay, it was never the highlight of my day, but I did have a good feeling of accomplishment whenever I walked out of the gym having completed a session where I had worked up a good sweat after using some long dormant muscles.

True, my walk back to the car was somewhat tentative because I may have been dragging a leg or tenderly nursing some sore muscles, but I was taking care of my body, right?

My wife’s daughter-in-law and her husband, who are some 20-plus years younger than we are, are what I would characterize as exercise fiends. It seems to me that when they are not working, sleeping, or eating, they are off on some trail hiking or biking. I’m sure that works for them, but I’ve gotten the victory over it.

7. Kale. There are those who assert Kale is very nourishing food.  I remain very skeptical of that belief. Actually, the taste is what leaves me skeptical and always has.

8. Wearing clothes that don’t stretch. What’s the point? Am I built for the clothes or are the clothes built for me? There you have it. I’ve done all the stretching already so let the clothes take it from here.

9. Counting carbs. Math has never been my strong suit, and I continue to lack interest in mastering it at this stage of my life. Let the carbs count themselves.

10. Caring about what other people think of me. I figure it is still mostly a free country. Let people think whatever they want to think. I’m happy to think about getting up in the morning, finding some clothes, and trying to do some good for others. That’s about enough thinking for me.

If I sit in my rocker for an extended period of time, I’m sure additional items that have dropped in importance would come to mind. But for now, this is, no doubt, enough brain-deadening material to put you into a comatose state.

Please share your thoughts and any response you may have in the form below.

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