From the Depths of My Scatter-Brained Mind

scatter brained mind

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts! My brain has been doing some heavy lifting, and guess what? Yup! I've come to a life-altering decision. I mean, it probably took longer than drafting a 100-year-old vintage wine. But hey, who's counting, right?

Now brace yourself; here's the earth-shattering revelation. Drumroll, please… Getting old is as enjoyable as licking a cactus! There! I threw it right out there. I've rolled up my sleeves, done the survey, crossed the Ts, dotted the Is, scrutinized it like Sherlock Holmes on a double espresso, and voila - this is the cold, hard truth.

ignorance is bliss

If you're still on the sunny side of 50, this might zoom straight over your young, glossy head. And that's okay. Youthful ignorance is so blissful it could be sold in a jar labeled "Heaven."

You've heard that quote, haven't you? "Ignorance is bliss". The philosopher who coined that was onto something. This "ignorance is bliss" thing? Legit. Not some fake news.

Now, I get it that in today's world, you need a noggin full of bookish stuff to pull off that office drama. But trust me, when you've spent seven decades on this revolving sphere we call Earth, you'll wish you could slap a return label on some of that knowledge. Gadzooks! No one needs to know all that!

being old

"Why?" you exclaim, tickling your chin. "Isn't knowledge power?" Bless your cotton socks! Looks like you've been fed a white lie. This kind of knowledge that I'm talking about? It ain't power, sonny. Nope! It's the "evil villain" kind of power that'll have you yearning for the good ol' days of blissful ignorance!

Earlier in my life, being old was alien to me as crop circles. I heard the “ancients” groaning and griping, but back then, it might as well have been Martian murmuring. Fast forward to now, I'm the relic narrating the tale!

So, what about you? Are you a "golden oldies" club member or still planning your strategy to dodge it like a seasoned ninja? Don't be shy, spill those beans!

Oh, So You Bungled Up? Cheers!

Remember that time when you goofed up? Some oopsies are once-in-a-lifetime events. Like a skydiver who realizes halfway to terra firma that he mixed up parachute packing with gift wrapping! Or the adrenalin junkie teen who wanted to play “Chicken” with a train, and the best he managed was a draw. Or that fearless hiker who wanted to dance with gravity (Spoiler alert: Gravity leads!).

a mistake

But hey, your blunders didn't come with such 'terminal' results. You’ve still got plenty of game left in you. Your regret is not life’s expiration date—it's life’s nudge to remind you that you can always try something new or different.

Our bloopers come from numerous nooks and crannies— misinformation, incomplete information, misinterpretation., and the list goes on. Sometimes, decision-making is just like shopping on Black Friday; there’s no time to ponder. You simply grab and go—or else!

Therefore, don’t do a rendition of Romeo and Juliet over past gaffes. You can’t change the past. It’s like trying to squish itself into skinny jeans two sizes too small. Who needs that discomfort?

channel your energy

Why not channel your energy into the present and future, where you can actually write your script? You’ve still got control and influence there!

Given a rerun of circumstances, would you make the same boo-boo or chart a different path to glory? Who knows?

Here's the plus side of messing up. Failure typically packs more lessons than success. Except, of course, if you're doing a ‘fall-free’ skydiving demo. That's a whole different story!

All said and done, life is like a giant roulette wheel. Sometimes lady luck smiles at you, sometimes she doesn’t. Here’s the nugget though: No matter how many times you fall, success is about getting up one more time!

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