Four Ways
To Incorporate Movement Into Everyday Life

Though retired and enjoying it, we seniors still need to maintain a physically active lifestyle.  Low or minimal levels of activity will not positively impact our health.  Nothing is more important to seniors than a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Staying fit and active is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but finding the time to fit this into your challenging life can be challenging, especially if you juggle life and juggle multiple responsibilities.

stay active

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can add movement to your life without spending too much time or effort.

To help you stay in the best shape, we have put together four top ways to help you incorporate movement into your daily life.

1. Create a commute. One of the easiest ways to add some exercise to your daily routine is to create an exercise commute for yourself.

stay active 2

   * If you head out to work or play each day, this is easy enough. You can get off the bus one stop early, park a little from your destination, or, ideally, walk there and back. This is an easy way to boost your steps.

   * If you work from home, you can add an exercise commute into you if you work from home or daily routine with minimal effort.

   * Each morning, before you hit the road, head out of the house, walk around the block, and then head to work or play. Not only will this help you to be more active, but it can also be helpful in establishing a clear work/play/home boundary.

a standing desk

* Try an app or smartwatch to count the steps that you take on your commute. You will be amazed at how much of a workout you get!

2. Invest in a standing desk. We are sedentary because we spend all day hunched over a desk at work or home. This is something that many of us are very guilty.

   * A great alternative is to invest your cash in a standing desk. These are designed to adjust to your height and allow you to work as usual while standing.

   * When you are standing for long periods, you will be working the muscles of your body and are more likely to move as you do so.

a timer

   * If a standing desk is impossible - for example, if your office or home does not allocate the budget - you can also opt for a small “under-desk” bike.  These allow you to move while sitting and can make a great alternative to a standing desk.

3. Set a timer. It is easy to get lost in your work, so make sure that you set a timer - ideally for every thirty minutes - to stand up from your desk, stretch, and take a few steps.

   * This will also benefit concentration and focus, a double advantage!

4. Dance it out! Sometimes, you just have to move, and what better time than when you are waiting? Next time you are waiting for the kettle to boil, the phone to charge, or the coffee to pour, set your phone to loud, pick a tune, and just dance!

a joyful dance

   * This is also guaranteed to boost your mood. Everyone's a winner.

Taking the time to move is crucial for helping you to maintain good mental and physical health. It should be a major priority throughout the day. Put these four tips to work in your life and watch as you feel better throughout the day.

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