How Seniors Can Navigate Downsizing

There comes a time in nearly everyone's life when they decide (and are able) to step off the tread mill, resign from the weekly grind of work, schedules, appointments, and duties, and adopt a more relaxed life style.

An appropriate name for that major life change could well be called retirement.  For years we have dreamed of it, planned for it, and wished for it.  Hallelujah when we finally arrive at it!

For most of us, the reality of it is we must know that our income will also be affected by retirement.  Some cushy jobs don't result in a reduced income at retirement, but most of us find a reduced income to be a new reality.

senior living

Being retired certainly offers many great advantages, but retirement does not come without it's own challenges.  Maybe one of the greatest concerns is a fear of the unknown.  I mean, until now, we've never been retired before, right?  We are looking at new territory and that includes many unknowns.  

Facing unknowns raises questions that include some fears and anxieties.  A reasonable response to these questions is to look for answers to try to anticipate events that could present themselves for us to consider.  Some of these concerns might be included in the list below:


  • Loss of independence
  • Having to depend on others 
  • Not being able to drive
  • Being isolated and lonely
  • Becoming incapacitated
senior family

What does it mean for seniors to downsize?  There are probably as many answers to that question as there are seniors who downsize.  Maybe you are looking to reduce or eliminate yardwork.  In that case you might sell your home and seek a condominium where all outside maintenance is done for you. 

Maybe. you are simply looking into moving into a smaller house.  Less housework and maybe less maintenance.  You also need to be aware of possible Home Owners Association (HOA) fees.  Those costs are needed to cover the costs of keeping the exterior of the house and yard upkeep.


The most difficult part of downsizing, in my mind, is reducing of of your "stuff".  How do you do that?  Sucker your kids or grandkids into taking it?  Have a garage sale or a fire sale?  Keep trying to get you kids or grandkids to take it?  Maybe try the "guilt" card?  Good luck with that!  Then there are also yard sales as another option.

Or maybe you wish to live among more people and thus would consider moving into a retirement home where many other convivences are also offered.  You may require only daily meals in a dining room with other seniors.  You may require additional daily help such as housekeeping or assisted living or you may need additional care.  

senior living 2

There are many excellent possibilities that await your decisions, so take your time and enjoy exploring the possibilities!

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