Tips and Tricks for Longevity

Days pass by at the speed of light. It is everyone’s dream to live long on earth, fulfill their dreams and enjoy the fruits of their labor. None ever envision an old age of diseases and ill health. Even as we dream of hitting the 90s and 100s, we still expect to be as healthy as we are now.

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The good thing is that your body from birth will be the same body you will use until the casket. Therefore, the longevity of your life depends on the care and maintenance you give to your body. Are you ready to prioritize a healthy life now and enjoy it later? If yes, then pay attention to the tips discussed in this article.

In records, the Japanese have the longest life expectancy of about 87.1 years for women and 81.1 years for men–magic! Studies have shown that this success is attributed to their diet, excellent body mass index, and less alcohol.

If you want to live long,
pay attention to these six items:

1. Sunlight. Studies have shown that sunlight helps boost a chemical in one’s brain. It produces more energy and helps keep the body calm, positive, and focused.


2. Rest. Rest is an essential part of success, health, and happiness. No matter the tasks you’re left to perform, make a short time to relax the body. Rest heals the body, reduces stress, and enhances productivity.

3. Exercise. Regular exercise improves your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. It helps to develop your heart and lungs. When these two are healthy, you will live an overall healthy life.

4. Diet. We need food to stimulate our health, provide energy and develop the body. Anything we take inside the body as food either helps or harms us. The impact of wrong dieting will be acute or chronic.

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5. Self-confidence. A recent study shows that positive thinkers live 11% to 15% longer. Self-confidence ensures readiness for life’s circumstances. It reduces stress and improves immunity

6. Friends. Our social life is as essential to the longevity of our lives as anything else. People who lack good social connections are likely to have stress build-up, which is unhealthy.


The most important thing to do is to adopt an alternative lifestyle. Let’s consider a few tips to live longer:

1. Eat a healthy balanced diet. As noted above, eat good food to improve your health. Ensure your food is a mix of vitamins and minerals. A vegetarian diet is the best. It can help regulate your body fat and keep your BMI reasonable.

2. Hang out with friends. Yes, friends. Just go out to meet friends and family. It is a drug that heals more diseases than every known drug. Positive connections enhance good health and increase life expectancy.

3. Prioritize regular exercise. Commit to routine exercise. Yes, this requires a lot of self-discipline, but the benefits will be worth it once you succeed with it. It improves your sleep and energy levels.

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4. Get frequent health screenings and tests. The human body is a complex machine. Early detection of any dysfunction is good to put it to remedy. Medical tests and screenings help to treat diseases before they go beyond control.

5. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and smoking. It is better to drink or smoke less on occasion or even avoid it entirely for a healthy life. It reduces the risk of heart and lung diseases.

We will all realize how easy it was to live a healthy life in old age or on a sickbed. Let’s make hay while the sun is awake. We can do this by putting up the habits of practicing the tips in this article to ensure we live to enjoy our life.

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