Peaceful Sleep
(Ahh, what wonderful bliss!)

You will spend a third of your in peaceful sleep.  Wasted time?  By no means!  Your body needs that time to rebuild and regenerate.  This is the time your body rebuilds muscle and strengthens your immune system.

You need plenty of peaceful sleep in order to feel your best and stay healthy and strong.  Unfortunately, about seventy million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, where the sleeper quits breathing for up to thirty seconds.

If you have a continuing problem with sleep you should visit your health care professional. Although first try The Effortless Sleep Method which is putting more of its readers to sleep than any book before.

This discussion will assume you have a comfortable surface such as a mat, mattress, or waterbed.  We’ll also assume you are able to breathe freely, without a stuffed-up nose or any hacking or coughing.  Pretty tough to sleep when you can’t breathe.

So, Why Can't I Sleep?

Sometimes fretting or worry can cause insomnia.  How can you sleep when your mind is tossing and turning?  Or maybe you have been inactive for most or all of the day.  You may wish to try this.

What Can I Do?

Here is where exercise could help you.  It can be helpful to exercise your body during the day to help induce sleep at night.  If your body is physically tired, sleep can come more easily.  Do not do strenuous exercise just before going to bed as this stimulates the body and can postpone sleep.

A warm bath or shower just before climbing into bed can also be very helpful to help you relax as you approach sleep.

Many people keep some gentle reading by their beds to help calm their minds and aid sleep.

This May Be More Difficult, But..

Of course quit all online social media, make sure the room is darkened as far as possible and try to eliminate all distracting noise.  The idea is to let your brain have no stimulus to distract it from sleep.

In the hours just before bedtime, you should avoid heavy foods that cause your stomach to work.  Your brain is sympathetic to your stomach’s working and as a result, sleep will be more difficult.

Also avoid alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants such as chocolate (ouch! Chocolate!) before going to bed.  Are you taking a nap during the day?  Maybe you should shorten or eliminate your napping time.

A nap at anytime in the afternoon will tend to make it more difficult for you to sleep well at night.  Try to avoid dozing during the afternoon.

And you?  Do you usually sleep through the whole night - well maybe a pit stop or two during the night?  Are you a deep sleeper or a light sleeper?

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