Who's in Your Corner?

When you were a kid, did your mom or dad ever tell you to go stand in the corner?  Do you remember standing in the corner with your face pointed to where the two walls converged?

 boy in corner

I’m sure that happened to me on more than one occasion.  Certainly, I first felt angry or resentful, and how I had been mistreated and misunderstood.  Eventually, those emotions faded, and I was left to consider my predicament.

I suppose, with most of us, our emotions are quick to rise to the surface and tend to take over before our logical brain kicks in and takes control.  Maybe that’s part of the human condition.

Being in a corner by yourself can be very objectionable.  From a perspective farther removed from my childhood, I have come to realize that having someone in my corner with me is something to cherish.

3 boys

There was a time when my mother was faced with the challenge of raising three preteen boys.  I’m sure many mothers can testify that trying to raise one preteen boy is plenty testing, but three can easily be over the top.

Hopefully, mom had a friend or two in her corner to offer encouragement and comfort.  For the most part, she had to deal with us on her own because I don’t recall dad being around very often.

Fortunately, I was able to survive until I reached adulthood.  The challenges faced at this stage in life make my childhood tests seem insignificant – maybe because I am so far removed from the issues of my youth?

supportive friend

Apparently, becoming removed in time from difficulties tends to lessen their severity and discomfort.

Being faced with an immediate burdensome circumstance is much more doable with the presence of someone in your corner.  In that regard, I have been very fortunate to have had my two brothers in my corner.  When I was going through a valley experience in my life, they were beyond helpful to me.

supportive person

Another significant person in my youth was my grandmother.  She thought I could walk on water, and I was in no great hurry to correct her misconception. It was very helpful for me to be able to unload my issues to such a warm and understanding person.

The person who is most supportive of me in this stage of my life is my wife, Dianne.  She is fully aware of all my faults and foibles and still loves me!  I consistently find her counsel to be wise and discerning.  I am very grateful to be her husband

As a senior, who is your go-to person?  Maybe that person is no longer available to you, for whatever reason.  If so, you need to find someone else to support you through difficult times.  It's important.  Do it while the sun is shinning and before a storm passes passes by. 

Whom do you have in your corner?  It’s an important question and deserving of careful consideration.  Cherish and nurture that relationship.  I know Jesus wants to be on your shortlist.  Why not invite Him into your heart right now?

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