Why Adult Friendships are Important

Friends are a necessary part of a senior's life.  We all need friends, for reasons we’ll consider below. 

Why is it we never seem to put enough emphasis on the important things in life? Are we really that busy?

Sadly, we tell ourselves precisely that yes, we really are too busy.. In fact, studies have shown we’re not taking the time for friends like we used to. According to a survey taken in the 1980s, the average adult had a minimum of three friends to whom they were close. Thirty years later, the same study came out with some chilling news. As many as one in four people claim to have no friends at all.

In many social settings, my wife, Dianne, is much better at participating in the conversation than I am.  I’m perfectly content to nod, smile, shake my head, and laugh at appropriate intervals.  I am as involved as I wish to be. 

I consider myself to be sociable, but not particularly outgoing or aggressive.  I’m usually a better listener than a conversationalist.

Why is it so many of us don’t enjoy adult friendships? Could it be we’ve somehow gotten the idea they’re really not necessary? This is absolutely not the case. In fact, below, you will find five reasons why adult friends are crucial to your life and your good health.

Friends Give Necessary Support

We’re not meant to go it alone. We need friends to act as everything from cheerleaders to a shoulder to cry on.

Friends Teach Us How to Act

How do we conduct ourselves? If you’re socially awkward, it might be because no one taught you specific social skills critical to success. Friends are where we learn those skills. It’s with friends that we practice, finding out both what’s acceptable and what’s not. For example, friends can teach us that farting is not the best way to win friends and influence people.  At least, not in a positive way.

What’s more, friends help us get out of the ruts we fall into and challenge us to try social situations we might not otherwise consider.

Friends Give Us a Reality Check

Who else but a friend is going to tell you when you’re lying to yourself or wandering down the wrong path entirely? This kind of tough love is what keeps us from disaster and guides us away from the pitfalls of life.  Friends tell us when we have food debris in our teeth or other such misque.

Couple Friendships Guide Our Own Relationships

Not everyone was blessed with parents who modeled good relationship skills. Having “couple friends” is where we form our impressions of how couples in romantic relationships interact.

It’s from these relationships we learn how to balance things like work and romance and how to handle the parenting component. Being able to talk to other couples about challenges unique to this kind of relationship also gives a much-needed place to learn.

Friendships Are Good For Our Health

Studies have shown people who sustain healthy friendships live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. People who regularly spend time with friends are shown to adopt healthier lifestyles, experience fewer physical ailments such as heart disease, and have fewer issues with dementia as they age.

In short, adult friendships are an important part of your life and worth exploring. Now is not the time to hold back. Get out there, meet people, and discover all that life has to offer. Making time for friendships should be a priority for all adults.

How is it with you?  Do you have several good friends?  As we have discovered, it’s worth the effort to nurture those relationships. Why not get in touch with one of your friends right now?

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