Where Are You?

I don’t know where you are in your life experience, but I do know many, if not most, people have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude towards religion.  I imagine there are some good reasons for that perspective.  Let’s take a look at what may be some of the more common reasons.

I don’t need religion.  I imagine this group of people would be composed mainly of people who have enjoyed notable success in their life experiences.  Maybe they have been able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  

They have strong work ethics, perhaps a touch of luck when needed and excellent connections with the right people.  They can entirely focus when necessary and can stay with a job until it is fully completed to their satisfaction.

Maybe you have met people like that in your own experience.  On the other hand, you may be just such a person.  Congratulations.  Well done! 

A common challenge faced by these people happens when a disaster strikes.  Have you noticed that disaster, sooner or later, usually strikes everyone?  Of course, it would be terrible if disaster should strike you but a real catastrophe if it should strike me!  

You have, no doubt, heard the saying, There are no atheists in foxholes.  Remember, when the rains came down, and the floods began, everyone believed Noah then.  But their timing was too late.

Hypocrites who practice religionThen there are the people who pretend to be religious while at church or a church function, but when you see them out in the real world, you would never guess they make any profession of religion.  

They may be the ones who join a church because it gives them more visibility in the community or more influence with their target audience of potential customers.  

A sharp business person must play all the angles and always be prospecting for customers. Indeed, church-going people represent an excellent place to market your products or services, right?  

Maybe no one does more damage to the Christian religion than hypocrites.  Why?  People tend to look at them and conclude that all Christians are like that.  They then reason they are justified in rejecting Christianity because all Christians are fake.  

Is that fair or reasonable?  No to both, but it is human.  

I need it, but only now and then.  Kind of like a smorgasbord shopper.  You can see him walking through the store.  I’ll take some of this and this. Let’s see, I don’t need any of this right now, but maybe next week.

The convenience based shopper.  Not a real robust religion but it does offer enough to please many people.  No use in going overboard with one’s religious beliefs.  

True Seekers.  I believe these are the ones that can change the world.  Jesus’ twelve disciples were of this category.   They were fully committed no matter the cost.  Yes, there was a cost.  None of them died of natural causes, with the possible exception of John, who wrote the book of Revelation. They died violently, but we know they will be in Jesus’ kingdom when He returns.

True Seekers is the group to which I’d like to belong.  How about you?

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