A Walk With Jesus

What does it mean to “walk with Jesus”?  Who is Jesus?  What relevance can He possibly have on my life?  He lived thousands of years ago while I live in the twenty-first century.  How can this great disparity in time possibly have any relevance to my life today? 

These seem to be reasonable questions that merit our serious consideration.  Apparently, it is quite easy to simply brush these questions off with little or no consideration.  Many people seem to do so at the peril of their own future.  There is already an overabundance of issues and problems and challenges and distractions to consume our already overtaxed lives.

A Good Idea, but I Don't Have the Time

Certainly, the evil one has seen to it that we are fully and completely occupied with the challenges of daily living.  Our plates are full of duties, obligations, and commitments that appear to require our full attention and total commitment.

So, what are we to do?  Where is the answer?  Is there even a reasonable answer?  Actually, there is a reasonable answer,  but the answer will not come to a flippant question.  Not a question that is “off the cuff”, or not carefully considered and thought through thoroughly.

The purpose of this article is to attempt to expose some of my own journey in the hope you will be refreshed and encouraged to seek a new relationship with Jesus or continue your current walk with Him.

Any Belief Requires Faith

Regardless of how we choose to live our lives, faith is a requirement for both the believer in Jesus and those who choose to live their lives apart from Jesus.  The believer chooses to, by faith, accept the testimony of scripture and to live his/her life by its teachings.  The unbeliever chooses to rely on his/her own knowledge, experience, and education and live independent of Jesus.

Two approaches to life.  One acknowledges Jesus; the other does not.  Both require faith.  One places faith in Jesus, the other places faith in one’s self or one’s education, or luck or hope or whatever.  Still, faith in something is required for both paths.

Which path is best?  Putting my faith in Jesus or putting it some place else?  Jesus said most people would choose some place else (Matthew 7:14).

Where Do You Put Your Faith?

It seems to me the only reason anyone would choose to put their faith anywhere but in Jesus, is because they do not know Him.  To know Jesus, and I do not mean to have heard His name or know about Him, but rather to know Him as a Person and have a living, daily relationship with Him, is a game changer.

All of the sudden, life becomes worth living and everything becomes more focused, and our problems, while still remaining, become less threatening.  We now have more joy and peace.  Jesus does not necessarily take our problems away, but we have the assurance He will walk by our side as we deal with them.

I was in high school when I decided to give God a 30-day trial.  I purposefully told no one about my test because I wanted no outside influence.  I prayed a silent prayer to God and asked Him to leave me alone for 30 days.  I was not asking Him to remove His protection from me, but rather to remain silent and not let me feel His presence.  I asked Him to stand back.  He did.

I cannot entirely explain how I felt as a result of my request.  A void or a vacuum was part of it.  I felt totally empty.  As a consequence I felt fear.  Did I make it to 30 days?  Not even close.  It was less than 36 hours!  I immediately prayed again and asked God to again reveal Himself to me and never leave again!

And He did... and I am grateful!

You Owe It to Yourself to "Give It a Go"

Do you need more evidence of God’s love and care for you?  Go ahead and put Him to the test.  I promise He will never let you down!  Since He continues to be so kind to me, I am certain He is most willing to reveal Himself to you.  All He asks is your permission to let Him enter your heart.

The best way to learn about God is to study His word.

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