Footwear, or How to Get the Correct Shoe for Your Foot and Gait


Most people buy their shoes at discount stores or department stores.  While you may pay more at a footwear store that markets to serious runners or walkers, you are also more likely to find a knowledgeable clerk who can ask you the right questions to determine your needs and answer your questions as well.  If you know the brands well and want a particular shoes then Amazon Shoes is a good option.


It’s a good idea to take your older shoes with you when you go to buy a new pair.  A good sales clerk will be able to look at the wear pattern and know how to recommend the correct shoe.


The most important consideration in buying a walking shoe is fit.  A poor fitting shoe can cause discomfort, blisters and even foot or joint problems.  Be sure you are wearing the socks you wear when you walk when you shop for shoes.  A good store will have a sales person that will be happy to assist you find a proper tit.


The big difference is in the amount of cushioning found in running shoes.  They are designed to absorb the hard landings of runners of up to 3 times the body weight.  Probably no need to pay for that additional padding for a walking shoe.


A good question with no clear answer.  Consumer Reports tested more than a dozen common brands, but did not rate them by quality.  Probably because in walking shoes quality means so many things to so many different people.

Probably the best counsel I can give you is to do your homework.  Take all the information you can about your needs to the shoe store.  Tell them about you gait, foot issues (high arch, flat feet), type of material on which you walk (grass, concrete, asphalt) , weather conditions (hot, cold, wet, dry), and even the time of day (early morning or late evening) should be considered if you walk on or near busy roads.

The more information you can give them, the easier it will be for them to make good suggestions about how to best support your walking.

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