Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

What are the top ten healthy lifestyle benefits for seniors?  There are a lot more than 10 but we’ll restrict ourselves to 10 – or so!

But, just to be sure you and I are on the same page, let’s agree on a definition of health.  Health is having a sound body and a mind that is free of disease or any aliment.  Additionally, it includes vigor, energy, enthusiasm, joy, and hope for the future, and loved ones and friends in your life who value and treasure you.

Given the above, for most people, good health depends on just two things: what you eat and the amount of exercise you get.  Food is fuel for your body and exercise is burning the fuel by your daily activities.  It is true, there may be additional contributors, but food and fuel are primary. 

If you have not yet done so, beginning a healthy lifestyle is a very important thing to do for a long and enjoyable life.  So, in no particular order, here are some of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle for seniors, or anyone else!

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

1)    You have increased ability to manage your weight.   If you are unhappy with current impression on your scales (read weight), regular exercise will help give you the results you want.  Please note, the key word here is regular.  You should have a regular routine.  It does not require that you run a marathon or even work up a sweat, just get moving.  Chores around the house help.  Plan on taking a pleasant stroll outside or in the mall.

 2)    You will be able to fight colds and flues – strengthen your immunity.  Your body was built to be active and moving around. 

3)    You will be in a more positive mood – thanks to helping your body produce mood-boosting chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine.

 4)    You’ll have increased energy – do more, go farther, last longer!

 5)    More sound sleep – You will enjoy a deeper, interrupted sleep.

 6)    Improved sex – More energy has its consequences (!), eh, benefits!

 7)    You will have more fun – A natural benefit of the previous and following benefits.                                                                                     

8)    You will feel less fatigued – You’ll still be going strong in the afternoon and evenings.

 9)    Your posture will improve – An important benefit for seniors.

 10)    Increased self-esteem – You will feel even better about yourself.

 11)    You will build lean muscle and bone mass which reduces the risk of osteoporosis – Over time your body will become stronger because regular activity.

12)    You will reduce your risk of cancer - a stronger, healthier body is more resistant to dread diseases.                                          

 13)    You will lower your blood pressure – always a good thing!

14)    You will lower your blood pressure – always a good thing!

 15)    Helps you build a stronger heart and reduce your resting heart rate – a win, win situation; your heart is better able to meet peak demands and works less when you are resting.

 16)    Over time, it cuts your risk of cardio-vascular disease – one of the major killers in the United States and you can avoid it.

 17)  Reduces your cancer risk – another dread disease a healthy lifestyle will help you avoid.

18)    Along with your healthy diet, exercise helps lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and raise your HDL (good cholesterol) levels.                                 

 19)    Exercise and a healthy diet, helps you lower your triglycerides

 20)    Your walks and strolls become easier – forget about being out of breath!  Enjoy yourself without panting or hard breathing!

 21)    You feel better! – everything comes together and culminates in this great feeling!  Life is good!

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