Living a Healthy Lifestyle - It's Good for You!

It used to be that living a healthy lifestyle was a concern only for older folks   Maybe that was because most of us never had to give our good health a thought because we just “had it” - good health that is.  Then as time continued to pass and the years began to add (or is it multiply?) up we came to realize that our health was not as eternal as we had thought it was in our earlier years.

As your body began to feel the effects of time and respond to how you treated it (our lifestyle), you noticed some changes…changes that were not to you liking.

What was it that started to retreat first?  Your vision?  Maybe your hearing?  Or was it your stamina, or endurance?   It could have been coordination, or a balance issue.  It could also have been a host of other “surprises”.

Healthy Lifestyle

Because of these issues, and others, living a healthy lifestyle has begun to take on a new interest. Remember, the things you could do without much thought in your earlier years, you do at your own peril today.  Rats!

Maybe you have started to take a closer look at your lifestyle and look for areas where you can improve.  A good plan to follow at any time of life.

In your earlier years maybe you were lighter than your are now.  Maybe you feel your metabolism has gone from a 10 to a 2 - or less!

Yes, you were also several decades younger and much more active than you are now.  Although you may be blessed with good health, you still resist the loss of physical stamina, muscle strength, and energy.

The Good News

The good news is you can still address these issues and improve your areas of muscle strength, stamina, and endurance along with other residual benefits.

How can you do this?  One way is to consider an important option: disease prevention.  Of course disease comes in all types and forms.  One of the most common is sitting disease?

Sitting disease?  Never heard of it, huh?  Well, it's very real and very common. Actually, sitting disease is a term coined by doctors to describe a state where a person's physical heal is harmed by spending too much time on their tush - read butt.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle, certainly includes incorporating an active physical lifestyle.

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