Healthy Eating Lifestyle

A healthy eating lifestyle is a solution to bouncing up and down on the most recent fad diet plan that will probably bring you nothing more than continued frustration and self-depreciating thoughts and actions withoug long-term benefit.  Not the outcome you want.

Oh, did I mention a thinner purse or wallet?

Benefits of Healthy Eating

First let's recognize that change does not come easily or naturally for most of us.  To be successful, we must be intentional.  We must have a plan.

First, understand why you are making changes to your eating habits.  Do you want to look better?  Feel better?  Have more energy?  Set a better example for your spouse, kids, or grand kids?

Next, realize that changes will not be immediate, and that’s OK because you didn’t get where you are immediately. It took time to gain the pounds and it will also take time to send them away. As the The Schwarzbein Principle shows an holistic approach is needed.

One of the immediate benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle is the realization that you will no longer be bouncing up and down, on and off the scale, from one diet fad to another. You can take a deep breath and relax knowing you are now on a long term, consistent, plan that will serve you well.

How to Start a Eating Healthy Lifestyle

Begin by making a small change or several small changes over time.  The key here is over time.  Be gentle with yourself. 

Some people have success by eating off of a small plate or bowel.  Then limit yourself to one plate or bowel.

For me, one of the tricks is to take smaller portion sizes and eating more slowly.

Another method that helps many people is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Plant based foods are more nutrient dense and lower in calories than processed foods.

Remember to look for variety in colors too! For example, red tomatoes, green peppers, yellow oranges and bananas are excellent choices that are rich in antioxidants.

And don’t forget nuts and grains. You may notice that sometimes meat is advertised as “corn fed” or “grain fed”.

Why let the animals get the best nutrition? Why not go direct to the source yourself (grasses, grains and corn) and eliminate the middle man – or cow or chicken, or whatever?

Humans, not cows or other livestock, are at the top of the food chain anyway!

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