You Find What You Seek

Are you content with your life?  Are you happy with yourself?  Are you where you envisioned yourself to be fifteen or twenty-five years ago or more?   Do you see yourself headed in the right direction?  Not there yet, but getting closer?

We are going to take a look at the best self-help book ever written.  The Bible.  Wait a minute.  The Bible?  Yes, the Bible.  But, you say, that crusty, old, out-dated, prickly, thread-bare book!  You must be kidding!

Be careful here.  Before you mindlessly toss it out, you would do well to first be clear on exactly what you are thinking of eliminating.  Remember, the Bible is the longest lasting book on the planet.  No other book predates it.  Did you know that?

It is more of a collection of letters and writings than a single book.  In the early pages of most Bibles, you will find a list of all of the books in the Bible.  The books are grouped into two main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The Old Testament was written before Jesus time on earth and the New Testament after His time on earth.

You may be surprised to learn it took more than sixteen hundred years for the Bible to be written.  In fact, after the Old Testament, came to be, there was a period of four hundred years before the New Testament came to be.

Additionally, the Bible was written by some thirty-five different authors who varied widely in ability and education.  The author of the first five books of the Old Testament was Moses, a brilliant and highly educated man who received the most exceptional training that Egypt, the most powerful nation in the world, at the time, could provide.

Then there was David who went from being a shepherd boy to King, Soloman his son who became the wisest and most wealthy of all kings, Daniel, the Prime Minister of Babylon and Persia.  Then there was Amos the herder, Luke the physician, Peter, the fisherman, Matthew, the IRS agent (OK, the tax collector), and Saul, who later became Paul the Pharisee.

Do you know of any other book that has been around for two-thousand years that is still the best selling book in the world and has changed so many lives?  Neither do I.  Simply because there is no such other book in the world.  The Bible stands alone, without a peer.  It has been translated into more than a thousand different languages and dialects.  Again, it stands alone. 

Has the Bible impacted your life?  It can do that you know.  How you ask?  That’s an excellent question.  Let’s spend a moment and consider it.

First of all, we do not read the Bible as we do a history book.  Why?  It was inspired and preserved for thousands of years by God Himself.  It is His word to you and me.

Inspiration is, by itself, a fascinating topic.  Some people take the position that God dictated every word to the Bible writers.  I respectfully disagree.  Why?  Because as you read each book, you will notice the different and distinct writing style of each writer.  Had God dictated each book, there would be no difference in form or use of vocabulary from book to book.  

Each book reflects the differing personality, education level, life experience, and perspective of the various writers.

Later, we’ll talk more about how the Bible changes lives and why we can have such full confidence in the Bible.

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